Travel Hacks from Wrong Fuel Expert to Enhance Your Road Trip

Whether you are driving across Europe or four hours up the road to visit family there are a number of clever tips and tricks you may utilise to make life easier and more fun. Here is our collection of the Wrong Fuel Expert’s favourite travel hacks. Keep Cool If driving in hot weather invest in … Read more

Supermarket Fuel Price War Could Result in Wrong Fuel Use

Pump prices are falling and some are concerned that the over-excitement caused by this phenomenon could distract drivers, resulting in the wrong fuel being used to fill up at the petrol station. Back in 2009 the crude oil supplies enjoyed by the industry seemed plentiful, certainly by today’s standards. Drivers could fill up their tanks … Read more

Car Maintenance Tasks to Add To Your Diary

Before setting out on any journey there are a number of basic maintenance checks which should take place on your car, for example have you enough fuel, water etc? In addition to this there are additional maintenance checks which should be scheduled periodically to keep your car running as efficiently as it may. Schedule these … Read more