Travel Hacks from Wrong Fuel Expert to Enhance Your Road Trip

Whether you are driving across Europe or four hours up the road to visit family there are a number of clever tips and tricks you may utilise to make life easier and more fun. Here is our collection of the Wrong Fuel Expert’s favourite travel hacks.

Keep Cool

If driving in hot weather invest in a car cooler (charged via the cigarette lighter plug) or for a budget alternative pack an ice box. For cheaper cold drinks throughout the day half fill water bottles with water or juice then fasten them and lie them down in the freezer all night. Fill the remaining space in the bottle in the morning and you’ll have cold, thirst quenching drinks all day.

Download a Petrol Price App

For long journeys an app which tells you the prices of the fuel at your nearest petrol stations will enable you to choose the cheapest prices and save, especially when you anticipate a number of refuelling stops. Make sure that you pay attention at the garage though as it is easy to fill up with the wrong fuel when distracted which will mean a call to arrange one of our mobile fuel drains to get you back on the road again.

Keep it Clean

To avoid mess in the car line a good-sized plastic cereal box container, one of the ones with a flip lid with a carrier bag and use this as your bin. This is much better than having untied rubbish bags rolling around in the foot-well.

Keep it Fragrant

Lots of bodies, trainers, cheesy snacks and more jammed into a car on a long journey may work out quite aromatic by the end of the trip. To keep the car smelling valet fresh and the atmosphere much more pleasant wedge fragrant tumble dryer sheets in key places around the car. The warmer it gets the harder they seem to work to keep the space smelling nice.

Hide Change in the Car

Calling Wrong Fuel from a payphone to tell us “I’ve put the wrong fuel in my car” if your mobile dies is free however if you need to call anyone else or even if you want to use a vending machine somewhere while travelling, having an assortment of coins comes in handy. A great place to hide your coins out of plain sight yet keep them handy is to put them in a Smartie or similar sized sweet tube with a lid.

A Genius Idea for Keeping Passengers Amused

Hang a shoe organiser with a number of pouches over the back of the driver or front passenger’s seat and fill with snacks, toys, activities and more which will provide a wealth of fun for the kids and valuable quiet time for the grown-ups.

If Travelling Abroad Be Scan Savvy

Losing precious documents abroad may feel like an absolute disaster however if you scan your travel plans, passport, ID docs, medical forms, insurance details and anything else relevant and email them to yourself you’ll be able to access these with ease.


Not so much a hack but more a common sense tip, make sure when you embark on a road trip, regardless of how long or short it is that you are prepared for anything. Pack a bag with extra snacks, a first aid kit and any provisions you may need if you get lost, break down or are delayed and ensure you have all the phone numbers and details you might need to hand, especially our Wrong Fuel Expert number of course!


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