The Beginners Guide to Breakdown Cover

Shopping for breakdown cover for your vehicle may seem like a minefield with so many different types of cover, exclusions, levels and fees. It is important to know what you are paying for and to ensure that you have the help you need in the event of a breakdown. Our beginners guide to breakdown cover … Read more

Car Maintenance Tasks to Add To Your Diary

Before setting out on any journey there are a number of basic maintenance checks which should take place on your car, for example have you enough fuel, water etc? In addition to this there are additional maintenance checks which should be scheduled periodically to keep your car running as efficiently as it may. Schedule these … Read more

Wrong Fuel in your Car?

Wrong Fuel in your Car? Did you put the wrong fuel in your car? Of course no one would do that deliberately. But there may be some instances where it might happen accidently. You might have been busy or preoccupied as you pumped the fuel or you rented a car and wasn’t sure of which … Read more