We’ve Won the Customer Service Awards

You’ll have noticed of late we’ve been quite active on twitter, we’ve spent time on Facebook and we’ve entered some awards. This is all because of you!

You gave us feedback that made us proud, feedback that made us want to go one step further and offer that little bit more. We wanted to get to know you and to give you extra ways in which you could get in touch, while being part of your conversations so we could help, advise and chat.

The feedback we get, good or bad (we haven’t had any bad yet don’t worry) all helps us to bring you the best service we can. We think we must be doing something right as we’ve just won the Best Customer Service Awards from The Consumer Voice, a popular consumer website that has over 40,000 active members.

We’ll be proudly displaying our award on site very soon.

Through all of this we’ve found there are reasons our service stands out from the crowd and without blowing our own trumpet (which is exactly what we’re doing) we’ve found that you love Wrong Fuel Expert because:

  • We’re easy to get hold of
  • We have expert mechanics on hand
  • We make your safety a priority
  • We don’t laugh at you when you put the wrong fuel in a car
  • We’re pretty cheap
  • We’re with you within the hour
  • We don’t tell your boss of the mistake you’ve made with the company car

If we’ve missed anything off, let us know in the comments below. If there’s ways we can improve, let us know that too.

You can also come join us on twitter at http://www.twitter.com/wrongfuelexpert or on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/wrongfuelexpert we’re quite easy to find once you know our name.

Get involved, get engaged and remember our name as you never know when you might make this very easy mistake!