The Top 4 Car Maintenance Checks You Should Be Making Regularly

A large majority of break downs occur because the car owner has conducted few simple checks on a regular basis. Unlike wrong fuel removal breakdown, these types of breakdown can be easily avoided. No matter whether you know a lot about car maintenance, or very little – if you are a car owner you should have a basic routine in order to prevent your car from damage or breakdown. Here are just a few of the maintenance checks that are an absolute must for anyone who drives on a regular basis.

Watch your Tyre Pressure

Driving around with less than sufficient tyre pressure could lead to dangerous accidents, in a worst case scenario. Experts always recommend that weekly check, or as regularly as possible, are compulsory. Tyres with bad pressure will also consume more fuel than those with adequate pressure. So, if you notice your car decreasing in fuel efficiency, it could be an indicator of low pressure. If your car is filled to the correct amount, the car will be easier to handle and nicer to drive on the whole.

Clean Battery Terminals

The electricity flow within your car is dependent on the cleanliness of your terminals. This is a relatively simple job, but a crucial one. Remove the negative terminal cap, followed by the positive one. This is will prevent the danger of short-circuiting. Then use a wire brush to scrub each terminal post to achieve a clean metal contact. This same process should be applied to the terminal caps. Reapply the caps to their respective contacts, start with the positive and then end with the negative.

Replace Tyres Based on Tread

If the tread is too low in your vehicle, you could be facing a serious problem. Your tyres are much more susceptible to the forces of wear and tear than the rest of your vehicle. Many drivers find it difficult to tell the difference between worn out tyres from good quality ones. Over time, drivers should aim to learn how to keep a keen eye on tyre treads. This will help them to determine the most appropriate time for replacement. It always makes sense to replace all of the four tyres in one go rather than just one or some of them. Having low tread on a tyre will be hazardous since it will likely lose road surface grip over time. This compromises the safety of the driver and other passengers.

Remove Brake Dust

Maintaining the quality of wheels and breaking systems should always be a priority. This will include wiping off break dust using a damp sponge and cleaning with warm water. Brake dust particles can easily attach themselves to wheels and make it virtually impossible to be returned to perfect condition. To maintain excellent quality and driving and durability, it is important to make these small but necessary routine checks. A car that is well maintained will be less likely to undergo costly and timely maintenance processes. Drivers should learn to listen to and observe their cars with great care and attention, so as to avoid unnecessary breakdowns.