The Best Summer Car Maintenance Tips

Summer is just around the corner, which is welcome news to all motorists out there. However the warm weather can put just as much pressure on your vehicle as the winter months; you have to take care to treat your car right and keep it well maintained. There are a number of different things you should keep an eye on when the temperature rises, from engine coolant levels to the cooling fan. Here are the main things to watch out for when trying to maintain your car this summer.

Engine coolant levels

If you fail to regularly check your engine coolant levels you could be risking a repair bill of over £1,000, as it is absolutely vital in preventing your car from overheating. The coolant fluid level should be between the maximum and minimum marks on the tank, and you should check this at least once a week when the engine is cold. If the coolant level has dropped then it’s a good idea to take it into a garage, as the coolant levels should stay the same between services.


The majority of road maintenance is carried out in the summer, which could lead to a lot of debris and stones being loose on the road. This can easily damage your vehicle so it’s important to stick to the speed limits when going through road work areas. Remember not to drive too closely behind other vehicles which can flick up debris.


High temperatures can put pressure on your tyres and lead to damage, so it’s best to try and prevent this from happening as much as possible. Check that your tyre pressures are adequate and that they comply with the manufacturer’s handbook. It’s also advised to make sure that tyre tread depth is of the legal requirement, which is important for dispersing any surface water that may be lying on the road.


Winter is the hardest time for batteries, and yours may still carry existing damage so it’s worth having a battery test done. It may seem inconvenient, but you’ll be thankful to have a working battery instead of one that cuts out when you need it most.

Air filter

The air filter is used to prevent dirt and debris from entering the car, but unfortunately in the summer it can get clogged up. Replace the filter in your vehicle every year to give yourself the best chance of better air flow.

Cooling fan

This is automatically activated when the engine begins to overheat, and it draws air in through the radiator in an attempt to cool the engine. If the fan stops working then the engine coolant will start to boil, causing a huge amount of damage to your engine. You can check if your cooling fan is working setting your heater to cold and running the car to normal temperatures. Once this is reached, keep the engine running but don’t use the car for five minutes. This should make the fan start up automatically. If it doesn’t, turn your engine off and call your mechanic, as then your engine temperatures will otherwise rocket.

These tips should help to keep your car well maintained when things start to heat up over the summer. It’s also important to know what to do if you accidentally use the wrong fuel in your vehicle. Contacting Wrong Fuel Expert means that you could have a trained technician by your side within 30-60 minutes* ready to resolve your wrong fuel problems.