Ten Comical Reasons That People Have Failed Their Driving Tests

RED Driving School has published some extraordinary findings about the reasons that people have failed their driving tests. Unbelievably, it’s not just standard rookie motoring mistakes that cause people to fail their tests – some of the drivers who have recently fallen short of the required standard had bizarre reasons for doing so.

A survey from RED Driving School revealed that most of those who failed – about half of candidates each year – had ordinary reasons for not being awarded a licence. The rest, however, didn’t simply struggle with parallel parking or forgot to check their mirrors regularly enough. As reported in Auto Express, the actions of some of these people were very strange indeed – and at times dangerous.

1) Driving on the wrong side of the road

One candidate didn’t make it very far before flunking their test – they drove straight out of the test centre on the wrong side of a narrow road. Their excuse was that they had just got back from France and had forgotten the most fundamental facet of the roads system in the UK.

2) Queuing behind parked cars

It’s one thing being polite, but queuing behind parked cars for seven minutes thinking you’re part of a line of traffic is a recipe for a test day disaster.

3) Distracted by a sexy motorcyclist

One woman failed her test after eyeing up a handsome man on a motorbike – and starting to absent-mindedly drive straight towards him. The examiner then had to carry out an emergency stop to prevent her from flattening the object of her affections.

4) Forgetting which is way is left and right

On two occasions this driver turned left when they were told to turn right, and then tried to cover up their mistakes by falsely claiming that they were the result of a medical condition which affected their decision-making abilities.

5) An encounter with a pedestrian

This driver bumped into a pedestrian on a crossing before the examiner could hit the brake. They tried to argue that they weren’t to blame because the pedestrian was unscathed – and his clothing had caused him to blend in to the stripes.

6) Wrong direction

One candidate turned into a one-way street, and then made their error worse by blaming the instructor for putting them off.

7) Energy drink overdose

While studying for their A-levels, this driver had been consuming far more energy drinks than is probably wise. On the day of the test, they could not stop themselves from twitching and failed with two majors and multiple minors.

8) Excess Nerves

One candidate became so nervous that they could not stop their foot from shaking on the clutch, leading them to fail in the first five minutes while trying to perform a three-point turn.

9) Learning from films

This driver attempted to overtake traffic by emulating an action thriller-style car chase. Needless to say, they were soon back taking more lessons.

10) Troubled by the sound of the engine

After failing their manual test, one candidate opted for an automatic test instead because they were perturbed by the sound and feel of gear-changing in a manual car.

While some of these reasons for failing are very amusing, it shows that the best place for these drivers is back in their instructor’s car taking more lessons. With enough practice these drivers should be on the road by themselves and their driving test failure will just be a funny story they tell around the dinner table. However the driving test doesn’t include what to do if you use the wrong fuel in your vehicle. If you accidentally put petrol in your diesel engine or vice versa, make sure you call Wrong Fuel Expert today.