Tips for Passing an MoT

Care and attention must be taken when maintaining any kind of vehicle during a whole calendar year and taking time doing this will be advantageous when your car’s MoT is under review. Although there is no use arguing with a mechanic’s verdict, there are some things you can do to prevent failing the test. These are pretty simple and do not take much time and effort. However long this takes is sure to be helpful in the long run rather than forking out on another assessment.

According to Haynes, 40 percent of cars fail their MoT test at the first attempt because of fixable small faults rather than major problems. Attention to detail is important for van drivers as well, as this figure stands at 50 per cent, after research by the publishers of workshop car manuals.

Check Tyres

As one of the most important car parts it is essential you regularly check all four tyres for quality control. Grip is vital during all seasons but particularly when roads are icy and wet. Winter conditions and bumpy roads can significantly damage tyres so checks need to be made all-year round. Doing this before your MoT will stand you in good stead. Measuring the tread depth is a must – the minimum required is 1.6mm so ensure you have investigated before driving to a local garage.

Check Windscreen

Cracks can be very expensive and dangerous when driving. These result from potholes which can turn a chip into a crack. Unfortunately, Britain’s roads require big improvements through resurfacing after icy roads create difficult conditions. You MoT will not be successful if there are large chips or cracks in the windscreen that affect a driver’s view. Sticking your head out of window like Happy Gilmore is not a viable option while behind the wheel.

Make Sure the Horn Works

This one may not be that obvious to do, but it is necessary. Hopefully motorists won’t have to use this much as the loud noise usually indicates unhappiness with the conduct of a fellow driver, however this needs to work if you’re to pass your MoT. It is easy and quick to test, just try and do it away from traffic so you’re not met with a loud or angry response.

Thoroughly Clean your Vehicle

Even if you are confident all of your car parts in working order, refusing to clean your dirty vehicle can land you in hot water with testers. Some may refuse to MoT cars because of dirtiness so take the time to clean it inside and out. Hoover inside, pick up any rubbish and manually clean or go to a carwash – they are cheap and most importantly, reliable.

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