How to Decide Which SUV/4×4 to Buy

The motoring industry is always changing and the possibility of driverless cars in the near future is a distinct possibility. Whether or not this takes off is another story altogether. Some people find great enjoyment in driving and so selecting a vehicle can be a long process. Another reason for delaying buying a new car is price. Typically, you’d expect to be driving the same car for at least four years, particularly if this is a new model – especially when this drains a significant number from your bank account. Some may also want a specific model because of their appearance, but a bigger factor which triggers sales is its performance.

What cannot be understated is how quickly reputations are built for supposedly unreliable car manufacturers and product reviewers Which? points customers in a certain direction from their recommendations on what to buy or avoid. Cars will always be dressed up by salesmen, but their aim is to sell so it’s best to extensively research certain vehicles and understanding what specifications to expect or demand. At Wrong Fuel Expert we realise that your decision to buy a car may be swayed on whether it’s diesel or not, but we have given some tips on what 4×4’s or SUVs to purchase and which ones to dismiss almost instantly.

Honda CR-V

If you’d like a reliable car with an acclaimed engine then this Honda model is the car for you. Which? did not receive any complaints about the vehicle when researching 81 of these vehicles meaning its reliability score was an outstanding 99 per cent. Their unleaded option really takes some beating and is why Which? awarded this model with the highest credibility rating for an SUV or 4×4. The diesel version also has high approval among drivers with a reliability score of 86 per cent. With petrol prices decreasing over the final quarter of 2014 perhaps now is the time to invest in a diesel car. The main thing is to remember to put the right fuel in, but you can rely on us to provide a swift and cheap solution wherever you are.

The European New Car Assessment Programme gave the Honda CR-V a five-star safety rating due to six airbags, tyre pressure monitors and other welcomed protection measures. There is plenty of storage space – so crucial for families – and a large glovebox maximises interior room. If you need to load the car with large goods then the CR-V has got that covered. Simply pull a lever located in the boot and the headrests fold, seat backs drop forward and seat bases flip up. This helps you achieve exactly what you want in a tight space of time.

Toyota RAV4

In all likelihood whenever Toyota are mentioned in everyday conversation there are few positives drawn from them. But this is unlikely to be from people who own a model, let alone the RAV4. This has been awarded as the second most reliable type of SUV/4×4 by Which? with an incredible 98 per cent reliability score. This resulted from low average annual repairs. One million vehicles were recalled in the United States alone in 2013 due to faulty brakes, but this does not concern the trusted RAV4. A diesel engine is available for this model – just remember to put the right fuel in your new car!
It comes with a five-year warranty and steering wheel audio as well as Bluetooth controls. The RAV4 Icon has a push button start to help if you are need of a quick getaway when you are strapped for time. Power door locks are included across all models for added security and remote central locking is another handy feature. Heated front seats are included exclusively on the Invincible type which is obviously a huge help in the winter when it can take what feels like an age to heat up the car.

Ford Kuga

In third place in Which’s review was the Ford Kuga. There is a choice of high-powered diesel engines including a 2.0-litre TDCi diesel Duratorq engine. This is also available in the unleaded option at an affordable price. The reputable FordShift gearbox combines the qualities of manual driving with the help automatic features bring. If you’re in the wrong gear then this technology quickly and it also saves you fuel. The Kuga is renowned for having brilliant grip around corners that enhances your control and driving experience.

This car even reads out text messages for added convenience and safety. You also have hands-free control of your calls, music and other ismart technology along with the all-important comfortable driving experience. There are some 4×4’s which have not had such high appraisal.

Despite that Land Rovers are regularly seen on roads across Britain, one model should be avoided due to very low reliability ratings. The Discovery 3 (2003-09) had a Which? score of just 45 per cent and the Nissan X-Trail (2001-07) did not fare much better – receiving a 59 per cent score. An older SUV to buy is the BMW X1 as it had the lowest repair costs and had an impressive score of 90 per cent. Whatever car you opt to purchase make sure you give us a call as soon as you discover the wrong fuel has been put in your vehicle.