Don’t Ignore Your Car’s Service Light

Unless you drive a beaten up 1999 car which tells you it needs a service by breaking down suddenly your car will have a service light on the dashboard. When this ominous red light comes on it pays not to ignore it.

It is important to understand the difference between an MOT and a service. Having paid out £200 to have your car MOT checked and some items fixed many would be aghast to find that the car was then telling them that something else needed attention.

An MOT is a government standard test which looks at the car from a safety point of view. Your mechanic will check everything on the list which ensures that your drive is as safe as it may be, for yourself and for other road users. The MOT is not about maintaining the car as a whole and basically if something isn’t on the MOT check-list it won’t be checked or fixed unless it is specifically requested.

A service is where your car is given a good once-over and all parts of the car are checked, fixed up and replaced as required. This should be done annually at least however if the red light comes on don’t risk further damage or a breakdown by ignoring.

Servicing Your Car Could Save You Money
By having your car serviced you will have the opportunity to fix minor issues before they become more expensive major ones. You will not have to deal with the hassle and potential expense that comes with a roadside breakdown either.
Indeed having your car regularly serviced will enable your car to run more efficiently which will reduce your fuel costs.

DIY Service Repairs
Having your car serviced by a professional will bring up a list of items which need to be fixed, the same way as when you have your car MOT checked. Scan this list and decide which of the points you could actually repair yourself. Undertaking the minor repairs will save you a small fortune in garage repair costs.

Your Service Will Keep You Safe
A lot may happen under the hood of a car, around the wheels or indeed inside any of the inner workings of car in the long year between MOT appointments. Faults do occur and a faulty brake or indeed any part not working as it should may result in you having less control over your car which could ultimately result in an accident.

Don’t take chances with your car or your safety, make sure that your vehicle is regularly checked and maintained.

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