Ten Comical Reasons That People Have Failed Their Driving Tests

RED Driving School has published some extraordinary findings about the reasons that people have failed their driving tests. Unbelievably, it’s not just standard rookie motoring mistakes that cause people to fail their tests – some of the drivers who have recently fallen short of the required standard had bizarre reasons for doing so. A survey … Read more

Fuel Prices – Can we expect them to continue falling?

Petrol pump

Like countless other nations the United Kingdom is heavily reliant on using petrol to get around and over the past decade or so there has been a growing concern as prices have become more expensive. British citizens have been so used to increases in fuel charges that there was some relief at the annual fall … Read more

How to Drive in an Eco-Friendly Manner


With so many billions of cars owned globally it’s easy to see how our atmospheric pollution could be contributing to the current climate change issues. With fuel prices and concerns about carbon emissions on the rise, it’s never been more important for motorists to understand the techniques

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How To Keep Your Car Looking Great

Everyone loves having a good looking car to drive around in, but not many people take the proper time and care to keep it in tip top condition. This is a great shame, as with a little effort your vehicle could look as good as new in no time at all. Not only can you … Read more

How to Properly Store Your Car

Mazda in cover

If you are planning to not use your car for a significant period of time, you may want to take precautionary measures to ensure your vehicle stays in tip top condition. If you’re going away on a long trip, the last thing you want is to leave your car gathering dust in the garage or getting covered in bird poo on the driveway. If you are looking to store your car correctly to avoid mechanical issues, here are the steps you should take.

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Petrol vs Diesel

petrol and diesel pump

You may have had either a petrol or a diesel car your whole life. But do you actually know the difference when considering how your vehicle runs? On a basic level, the difference between diesel and petrol is that diesel requires less refining and less crude oil than petrol to produce.

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How to Decide Which SUV/4×4 to Buy

Honda CRV

The motoring industry is always changing and the possibility of driverless cars in the near future is a distinct possibility. Whether or not this takes off is another story altogether. Some people find great enjoyment in driving and so selecting a vehicle can be a long process. Another reason for delaying buying a new car is price.

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Diesel: Is It Fuel’s Latest Dead Format?

As 2014 comes to a close, we can look back upon the major changes that we have seen this year and reflect on how they have impacted our lives and how they may impact them in the future. Whether you have an interest in politics, sport, popular culture or fashion, you will be able to … Read more